Paris is now the Grand Paris: a leading metropolitan area, home to 12 million people, bringing together attractiveness and competitiveness.

Over the past 40 years, the Paris metropolitan region has gone through significant changes redefining the very nature of the relationships between Paris and its surrounding suburbs.

The Île-de-France Region - the Capital Region:

- covers a total surface area of 12,000 square kilometers
- is the number one global tourist destination, with 46 million visitors per year
- accounts for more than 30% of national GDP, i.e. €649 Billion
- covers a work catchment area offering 6.2 million jobs where 1 million companies are established
- is a major cluster for education with 663,000 students
- hosts 155,500 researchers and a great number of R&D facilities

The Paris metropolitan area is getting a stronger, more attractive, more inclusive and a more sustainable world city. The State and Île-de-France Region have been driving the project further securing the Grand Paris’ position as France’s economic heartland.

The Grand Paris stands out in the strong competitive environment of European and global metropolitan areas, based on resilience and innovation, as it has fully embraced the principle that mobility drives socio-economic development.

To fuel this growth, Grand Paris Express is the transport network project developed on an unprecedented scale. This vast infrastructural project will modernize the existing transport network and create a new automated metro system. It will be the force driving the Grand Paris into the 21st Century. Grand Paris Express project is about putting the Paris metropolitan area on the map of the World top cities in terms of attractiveness, as living, commuting and working places.

Mobility matters!

The Grand Paris has outstanding transport connections with:
- 3 leading European airports
Roissy (Noth-Est of Paris) and its three terminals - for commercial flights and freight traffic      
Orly (South of Paris) – for commercial flights and freight traffic
Le Bourget – business airport
- High-speed trains offering connections to the whole of Europe
- The river Seine offering access to maritime transport.


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