The Société du Grand Paris publishes all the financial documentation about the company. Presentations, annual reports and prospectuses are available for download.


Brochure "Grand Paris Express, a boost to urban projects"

Investor presentation

Investor presentation 2019

Long term program EMTN:

1) Base prospectus

2) Final Terms

2018 :

2019 :

3) Supplements EMTN

From july 2018 to july 2019:

From july 2019 to july 2020:

4) Green Bond

Green Bond program framework

Short term program Neu CP:

Titres négociables à court terme (in french)


Moody's credit opinion - july 2018 (Aa2/Prime-1)

Moody's credit opinion - january 2018 (Aa2/Prime-1)

Fitch Rating - september 2018 (AA)

Société du Grand Paris reports:

2018 reports

2017 reports

2016 reports


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